Update fra IRSFCA

Våren nærmere seg – nei, den er her!  Her er en liten oppdatering fra  International RS Feva Class Association, om den internasjonale sesongen 2014. 

Euro Championships – 29th – 31st May

Entries for this 3 day event are now open.  http://rsfeva.org/championships/cindex.asp?clselect=Home&eid=14
Bruinisse, the terrific venue of the 2011 World Championships is where we are headed to for this great event. The trophies haven’t been competed for since Lake Garda in 2009 making the current holders the longest ever! We aim to make this an annual competition. Certainly for this year we are making economies of scale by sharing the event with the RS Tera class.

h http://rsfeva.org/championships/cindex.asp?clselect=Home&eid=14 9

The World Championships in Carnac are booking up. The early entry discount runs out at the end of March so enter now! 100 boats already entered but with many more possible just remember that there is a maximum limit of 180 – so don’t miss out! Entries have been received so far from: NED, ITA, IRL, NOR, SWE, DEN, CZE, GBR, GER with more promising to make it.

The Crown Cup in the Czech Republic, sailed on Lipno Lake the weekend of 21-22 June, is also being reformatted to form part of the New Alpine Circuit. So this will be an Open event for sailors from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic.  All other countries are invited to send one or so of their best boats. There will be charter boats available for those coming from these other (non open event) countries.

The Easter training (International Training Camp), in Spain is nearly upon us. There are more places still available if you book quickish.  It will be great fun in the new setting of L’Escala and with the presence of the RS Teras too.

The language camp in Rutland UK at the beginning of July will have CZE and NED language sailors and the sailing training is guaranteed to be decent with a top UK coach and the local boats from Oakham School and the sailing club also participating. Again this can also still be booked.


The USA has more exciting developments with the announcement of joint training weekends with RS Fevas and 29ers at Coronado, San Diego on 22/23 March and 4/6 April. Jonathan Lewis from the UK will be there to ensure real up to date expertise is brought to bear. There is also further consolidation going on in the NE of the country at Larchmont on Long Island Sound.

Hong Kong held a very successful inaugural National Championships in January at the Aberdeen Boat Club. Well done to the first champions Julian Fung and Thorwen Uiterdaal from RHKYC. And still in the far east the Japanese Sailing Federation has accepted the RS Feva as a national class.

New associations are close to being formed in both NZL and UAE (Dubai in particular), with new fleets having been launched at various places in both countries. The Australian association has received a boost over the last year with great new impetus in both Sydney and Melbourne. Once these traditional sailing nations get how great the RS Feva is as both a top training boat and a general enthuse of the young I am sure that they will be making a big hit on the current traditional top of the crop!

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