RS Feva Pitch

All you need to know to sail your Feva faster.

Made by an Olympic coach with expertise in skiff style sailing and RS Feva sailboats, the best DVD ever on how to sail your RS Feva faster – with tips and hints for all levels. Amazingly good footage of the details on ‘how to’ do manoeuvres as well as some of those tiny details that only the best will understand first time – but then a long time to perfect! There is so much in this DVD that you can spend a long, long time getting every last little juicy tip out of it no matter how good you are when you first look at it!


Off the water
Simple tweaks to make your Feva easier to handle, and tips on getting those static adjustments dead right for the conditions before the start
Boat handling
We use onboard and rib based video to help you to make your manoeuvres faster and safer.
• The tack • The gybe • The hoist • The drop
HIGHER & FASTER – focus on keeping your boat driving at maximum speed on the beat, in all conditions.
DOWNWIND SLIDE – make gains on the run by using every gust and wave to sail closer to the leeward mark.
FAST LANE – downwind skiff sailing, Feva-style.

Price: £14.50 including UK P&P

How to rig an RS Feva – Youtube

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